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Certification in Biblical Studies

This 2-year course focuses on taking students through an in-depth study of the bible.  Primary focus is on biblical history, OT//NT survey, and gaining deeper knowledge and understanding of interpreting scriptures.

Certification in Pastoral Leadership

This 1-year course is designed to prepare students to serve as a pastor within their respective organization. It includes systematic study of church administration, practical leadership skills, conflict resolution, work-life balance, team building, and people management. 

Certification in Practical Theology

This 1-year course is designed for students who wish to deepen their knowledge in various areas of biblical theology to further enhance their understanding of biblical principles.


Certification in Teaching Spirit

This 1-year course is designed to assist students with developing their teaching style to be able to teach at a higher level.  

Please complete this form to enroll in course(s) for the International School of Ministry. 

Enrollment for spiritual formation classes can be done at any time prior to the start of class.

Enrollment for certificate classes will begin on July 10th. Classes start in August and January depending on your affiliation.  

All classes are held on Saturdays.

Registration Fees: 

Spiritual Formation courses (4 weeks each)


  • $25 USD International students only pay registration fee as a part of our charitable work.

Certificate Course Fees paid per module. Tuition fees are discounted for international students.

  • $1,200 USD per course 

    • 2 Year courses 6 modules ($200 per module)​


  • $900 USD per course​

    • 1-year courses 3 modules ($300 per module)


All fees must be paid in full prior to start of the class.

*More information will be sent via email after registration & receipt of payment*

If you have any questions, or need assistance with completing this form, please contact us at


Thanks for submitting! Check your email inbox for payment submission instructions.

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